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Dear Gentlemen,

Does the work we do impress & astonish our customers ? Do the people we work with find their work challenging and feel personal growth? These are the question that we must each ask our selves & act upon.

With the emergence of Global competitiveness , we National Products committed to maintain its ability to offer the highest standard of customer value.This require an unique co operation from our valued customers as a part of our extended family.
Finally we National Products is committed to protect our mother.

  1. Total Quality & Customer Satisfaction.
  2. Products with customer oriented stance.
  3. Believe in appreciative feeling of Mutual Pride & Trust.

National Products (NP) commenced its operation in the year 1987 with an aim to manufacture the range of quality and High Performance Solders, Fluxes & Solvents, SMT Solder Paste,

PCB Chemicals used in electronics, instrumentation, automobiles, telecommunication, computer and other allied industries. The company with its administrative office and works located at New Delhi initiated its operation with the manufacturing of Fluxes, Solvents and subsequently added Solder Stick/Ingot and Solder wire to its range of products.